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    People Are Crazy
    Choreographed by Gaye Teather
    Description: 64 count, 4 wall, beginner intermediate line dance
    Music: People Are Crazy - Little Bit of Everything by Billy Currington [CD: Little Bit Of Everything Available on iTunes]
    32 count intro

    1 - 4 Step right forward, scuff left forward, step left forward, scuff right forward
    5 - 8 Rock right forward, recover to left, rock right to side, recover to left



    Little Bluff
    Choreographer: Robbie McGowan Hickie
    32 Count: 4 Wall: 4 Level: Beginner Improver Line Dance
    Music: You Lied to Me - Love Lessons Tracy Byrd

    Dance Rotates CW

    Forward Rock, Walk Back x 2 Back Rock Kick Ball Change
    1 - 2 Rock forward on right, recover onto left
    3 - 4 Walk back right, left
    option: Two half turns right stepping right, left
    5 - 6 Rock back on right recover onto left
    7 & 8 Kick right forward step right beside left, step left in place