Mixer contra circle dances

Usually the most fun you can have at line dancing. Big hits at socials and other events they quickly lighten the atmosphere.

Mixer, Circle and Contra Dances

  • Cheeseburger,

  • Circle of Friends

  • Foot Boogie,

  • Linda Lou

  • Moving On,

  • Rocky Topper


  • Way Back When

  • You Can Do Better Than That
  • You Never Know



    Choreographed by Sheila Bernstein
    Description: 32 count, beginner circle dance
    Music: Cotton Eyed Joe by Rednex

    Note: The couples are placed in groups of 4 facing line of dance. It doesn't really matter
    if men are on the inside, but i would suggest that they are set up diagonal. Everybody
    holds hands! The front couple hold hands in the center, and they also hold hands with the back couple
    by passing their left hand over their left shoulder (outside person right hand over their right shoulder)
    Note: The steps are written traditionally with the man's steps leading.

    1-4 Walk forward right, left, right, left (outside couple lead with left foot)
    The front couple let go of their joined middle hands (but not the back couple)
    5-8 Walk forward right, left right, left (outside couple lead with left foot)
    While walking forward the front couple peel off to the left and to the right accordingly walking around
    the back couple as they walk forward. Join hands again. The couple that were at the back are now