Line Dance Scripts UK the latest line dance script site with partner and line dance scripts of all abilities.

Line Dance International - Linedance events UK and Europe Line dance events all over UK and Europe with top choreographers, artist and bands.

The Dance Factory - Alison Biggs and Peter Metelnick

Copper Knob lots of line dance scripts and videos.

Fancy Feet - Based in Blackpool if your visiting or live there great place for good tuition.

Gaye Teather - Choreographer also Dance Editor and Advisor for Up Country Magazine

Marie Sørensen - Sunshine cowgirl from Denmark some great dances check it out

Kick It Another site with over 60,000 dance scripts, Kick It, is a subscription service website so if you want to access the latest dances you have to pay. They also have a comprehensive database of music which provides such information as to which dance goes to which song.

Phoenix Line Dance Club North Cyprus's newest line dance club run by Steve and Denise Bisson check out the website.

Robbie McGowan Hickie one of the UK's top choreographers visit his site here,

Outlaws and Sinners is a well presented website with some good scripts.

Partner Dancing David and Janet. Interested in Partner Dancing look no further than this site which is dedicated to partner dancing and related subjects with some good links to other useful sites.

Arjaze Dancers great partner dance script site

Sweden - Astu Stompers

Sweden - Western Riders Gotland

Up Country Country music and line dance magazine around. 

UK Country Music for all things country music in the UK

Visit - Where Florida Turns For Country!

Jan Wylie There are lots of Line Dance sites in Australia. If you like Jan Wylie's Dances and personally we can't see who couldn't, try Jans Site it's well put together with lots of her scripts and some good links visit her at.jan wyllie/

Entsweb - The Top Entertainment Search Engine - Entsweb for all your entertainment, activity you name it they cover it.

Keep Calm and Carry On the latest craze that shows now sign of stopping

Country Music and Bluegrass Links 

Here are some links which you might find interesting and useful:
The British Bluegrass Music Association
The Bluegrass Ireland Blog
The Scottish Bluegrass scene
UK Bluegrass online newsletter
Cross Country magazine
Country Music People magazine
Maverick magazine
Southern Country magazine)
UK Country Radio
CMR Nashville - Internet radio
Friends Of American Old-Time Music and Dance