Choreographer: Monica Varnell & Luv 2 Danz Team
Count: 48 Wall: 4 Level: High Improver
Music: Silence Makes a Lonesome Sound - Days Gone By - James House

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Alt. tracks:
King of Nothing James House Album Broken Glass vocals (32 )
Little Deuce Coup Beach Boys James House vocals (32)

Left Cross, Sweep, Right Cross, Sweep, Left Lunge (Diagonal), Step Back Touch
1-2 Left cross over right, Sweep right from back to front
3-4 Right cross over left, Sweep Left from back to front (no weight)
5-6 Left ( diagonal) lunge forward, recover
7-8 Step back Left, Touch. Right toe by Left foot (12)

Right Dorothy, Left Dorothy, Step 1/4 Turn Left, Right Shuffle
1-2 & Right Dorothy, ( Right forward, Left lock behind & step forward Right)
3-4 & Left Dorothy, ( Left forward, Right lock behind & step forward Left)
5-6 Step forward on Right 1/4 left
7 & 8 Right Shuffle (Right forward, Quick Left, Right forward) (9)

Cross Rock, Left Chasse, Rock, Recover, 1/4, 1/4 Turn
1-2 Cross rock Left over Right, Recover
3& 4 Left chasse, (Left side, close, side)
5-6 Rock right behind left, Recover,
7-8 1/4, 1/4 turn Left ( step down on Right 1/4 step on Left1/4)

Weave Left (R over L), Sweep, Behind Weave Right
1-2 Cross right over Left, Left to left side,
3-4 Right behind Left, Sweep Left front to back
5-6 Left behind, Right to side
7-8 Left in front, Right to side

Rock Back, Recover, Left Shuffle Diagonal, Right Diagonal Shuffle, Left Diagonal Shuffle.
1-2 Rock back left behind right, recover weight on right
3&4 Diagonal Left shuffle
5&6 Right Diagonal shuffle (Sharp Change Direction)
7&8 Left diagonal shuffle (Sharp Change Direction)

Right Lunge, Recover, Step Back R, Hitch L, Rock Back, Recover, Rock Left Side, Recover
1-2 Right Lunge ( slight diagonal )Recover weight left
3-4 Step back right, Hitch Left
5-6 Rock left back, Recover weight right
7-8 Rock Left side, Recover weight right

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