You Can't Make A Fool Outta Me

Choreographed by: Glynn Holt (UK)
MusicCan t Make A Fool Out Of Me by Heather Myles CD: Rum & Rodeo
Details: 32 Counts, Improver Intermediate Line Dance
Start dance on main vocals

Right Vine with Touch, Side Shuffle Left, Rock & Recover
1-2 Step right to right side, cross left behind right
3-4 Step right to right side, touch left next to right
5 & 6 Side Shuffle to Left on Left Right Left
7-8 Rock back on Right Recover on Left

Kick Ball Change, Rock Recover, Shuffle Half Turn, Step Quarter Turn
1 & 2 Kick Forward Right. Step Right Beside Left. Step Left In Place.
3-4 Rock Forward on Right, Recover on Left
5 & 6 Shuffle Half turn over right shoulder on right left right
7-8 Step Forward on left and pivot Quarter turn right

Cross Shuffle, Side Shuffle, Sailor Quarter turn, Rock and Recover
1 & 2 Cross Shuffle Left over Right on Left Right Left
3 & 4 Side Shuffle to Right on Right Left Right
5 & 6 Left Sailor Step making a Quarter turn left
7-8 Rock forward on Right Recover on Left

Shuffle Half turn over Right, Rock Forward Recover, Coaster Step, Walk Fwd x2
1&2 Shuffle Half turn over Right Shoulder on Right Left Right
3-4 Rock forward on Left, Recover Right
5&6 Left Coaster Step, on Back Together Forward
7-8 Walk Forward on Right, Left.

End of Dance, Start Again and Enjoy!