You Never Know

Choreographer: Bobbey Willson
Description 28 Count 2 Wall Improver Contra Line Dance
Music: You Never Know - Alan Jackson

Intro is 24 Beats, Begin at Lyrics (25)

R: Touch Hook Touch Flick, Lock RLR, L: Touch Flick Touch Hitch, L Step Hip Hip
1&2& Touch fwd R, (front) Hook R over L, Touch R, Flick R (kick back)
3&4 Step fwd R, Step L behind R, Step fwd R
5&6& Touch L to left, Flick L, Touch L, Hitch L
7&8 Step L to left, Hip to right, Hip to left (weight remains on L)

Shuffle Fwd Diag RLR, Shuffle Fwd Diag LRL, Steps or Stomps RL Claps RL
1&2 Step diag fwd R, Step L to R, Step diag fwd R (slight diag - 9:30-10:00)
3&4 Step diag fwd L, Step R to L, Step diag fwd L (slight diag - 2:00-2:30)
5-6-7-8 Step/stomp R, Step/stomp L, Clap to right, Clap to left
Note: For Contra - clap with the dancer facing you at each diagonal

Steps Back RL, R Coaster-Step Step, 1/4 Left R Drag L to R, R Step-togs (x2)
1-2 Step back R, Step back L
3&4& Step back R, Step L to R, Step fwd R, Step fwd L begin turn to left)
5-6 Turn 1/4 left and Step R wide to right, Drag L to R
7&8& Step R to right, Step L to R, Step R to right, Step L to R
Note: In Contra - during 5-8& you will be facing and passing by opposite dancer.

1/4 Right and Steps Fwd RL, Step R w/ 1/4 Left 1/4 Left Step L
1-2 Turn 1/4 right and step fwd R, Step fwd L,
3-4 Continuing to Step fwd R and turn 1/4 left, Turn 1/4 and step L

NO Tags, NO Restarts

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