Wrong Night

Choreographer: Per Mikkelsen, Marshals Linedancer
Description 64 Count 4 Wall Intermediate Line Dance
Music: Wrong Night - 50 Greatest Hits - Reba McEntire

Intro: 16 count: Country

Section 1: Vine Left Touch, Step Turn Step Touch.
1 - 4 Step Left, to left cross Right, behind, step Left, to left, touch right together
5 - 8 Step Right, forward turn 1/2 left, step forward on Right, and touch left together

Section 2: Heel Hook X 2, Stomp Fan Twist Heels and Toes Left.
1 - 4 Touch Left, heel diagonally forward and hook x 2
5 - 8 Stomp Left, forward, fane Left, toe to left, twist both heels and toes to left

Section 3: Vine Right Touch, Step Turn Step Touch.
1 - 4 Step Right, to right cross Left, behind, step Right, to right, touch left together
5 - 8 Step Left, forward turn 1/2 right, step forward on Left, and touch right together

Section 4: Heel Hook X2, Stomp Fan Twist Heels and Toes Right
1 - 4 Touch Right, heel diagonally forward and hook x 2
5 - 8 Stomp Right, forward, fane Right, toe to right, twist both heel and toes to right

Section 5: Jazz Box 1/4, Heel Bounce, Coaster
1 - 4 Cross Right, in front of Left, step left back, step Right, 1/4 to right, step Left, together
&5-6 Point Right, toe diagonal forward, bounce Right, heel in floor 2 x,
7&8 Step Right, back, Step left back, step Right, forward

Section 6: Heel Bounce, Coaster, Point Cross Unwind Hold
& 1 - 2 Point Left, toe diagonal forward, bounce left heel in floor 2 x,
3&4 Step Left, back ,step Right, back, step Left, forward
5 - 8 Point Right, toe to right, cross Right, toe behind left, 1/2 turn right, hold

Section 7: Forward Shuffle, Step Turn, Shuffle Turn, Coaster
1&2, 3-4 Step Left, forward, Right, together, Left, forward, step Right, forward 1/2 turn left.
5&6, 7&8 1/2 turn Left, on Right, Left, Right, step back on Left, Right, step forward on Left,

Section 8: Heel Ball Step X2, Rock and Shuffle Turn
1&2, 3&4 Dig Right, heel forward in floor, step Right, together, step Left, forward x 2
5-6, 7&8 Rock Right, forward, back on Left, make 1/2 turn Right, on Right, Left, Right,

Tag Restart: After 2nd wall; Make the first 16 counts TWICE, then Restart the dance.

Ending: Make 2 x heel ball steps, 1 heel ball step and Right, together

Keep It Country, Dance, And Have Fun