Would You Believe Me

Choreographer: Marie Sørensen (Sunshine Cowgirl)
Description 32 Count 4 Wall High Beginner Line Dance
Music: Would You Believe Me if I Lied by Billy Yates 128 bpm

Intro: 16 Counts

Heel, Hook, Step, Tap, Heel, Hook, Step, Tap
1-2 Tap Right Heel Fwd. Hook Right up & In front of Left
3-4 Step Fwd. Right, Tap Left toe behind Right
5-6 Tap Left Heel Fwd. Hook Left up & In front of Right
7-8 Step Fwd. Left, Tap Right toe behind Left (12:00)

Rockin Chair, 1/4 Step Turn, Cross, Hold
1-2 Rock Fwd. Right, Recover
3-4 Rock Back Right, Recover
5-6 Step Fwd. Right, 1/4 turn Left
7-8 Cross Right in front of Left, hold (09:00)

1/4 turn Right Twice, Cross, Hold, Side, Touch, Side, Scuff
1-2 1/4 turn Right, Step Back Left, 1/4 turn Right, Step Right to Right side
3-4 Cross Left in front of Right, Hold
5-6 Step Right to Right side, Touch Left beside Right
7-8 Step Left to Left side, Scuff Right (03:00)

Jazz Box Twice, with Scuff
1-2 Cross Right in front of Left, Step back Left
3-4 Step Right beside Left, Scuff Left
5-6 Cross Left in front of Right, step back Right
7-8 Step Left beside Right, Scuff Right (03:00)

Tag: After Wall 5 - 4 Counts - Facing 3 O'Clock
1-4 Step Fwd. Right, Scuff Left, Step Fwd. Left, Scuff Right

Have Fun!

Contact: www.sunshine-cowgirl-linedance.dk - sunshinecowgirl1960@gmail.com