We're Gonna Get Married

Choreographer: LDT Tucker
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Improver Line Dance
Music: We're Gonna Get Married - El Rancho Azul by Dale Watson

Start the dance after counting 8 seconds from the beginning of the music When Dale Watson says ( Hey )

Forward Walks Kick Back Walks. Coaster Step
1-4 Walk forward on Right Left Right kick Left Forward
5-6 Walk back on Left Right
7&8 Step back on Left. step Right beside Left. step Left forward ( 12.00 )

Rock Step. Shuffle 1/2 Turn Right Step Pivot 1/4 Turn Right Cross Shuffle
1-2 Rock forward on Right, recover on Left
3&4 Shuffle forward 1/2 turn right on Right Left Right ( 6.00 )
5-6 Step forward on Left pivot 1/4 turn right weight on Right
7&8 Cross step Left over Right, step Right to right, cross step Left over Right ( 9.00 )

1/2 Monterey Turn Right Chasse Left Heel Switches Side Touch Stomp
1-2 Touch right to side turn 1/2 turn right and step right together
3&4 Step Left to Left, step Right next to Left, step Left to left weight on left ( 3.00 )
5& Touch right heel forward, step Right next to Left
6& Touch Left heel forward, step Left next to Right
7-8 Touch Right to right, stomp Right next to Left weight on Left

Diagonal Shuffle Forward Right & Left. Monterey Turn 1/2 Right
1&2 Diagonal shuffle forward on Right Left Right
3&4 Diagonal shuffle forward on Left Right Left
5-8 Touch right to side, turn 1/2 turn right and step Right together, touch Left to side step Left together ( 9.00)

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