We’ll Dance

Choreographer: Karen Coombes
Description 32 Count 2 Wall Easy Intermediate Line Dance
Music: We'll Dance - The Secret by Heartbeat

Jazz Box 1/4 Cross, Side Shuffle Rock Back, Recover
1,2 Step R Across L, Step L Back
3,4 Step R to the side turning a quarter R, Step L Across R
5&6 Side Shuffle Right Right, Left, Right
7,8 Rock back on L, Rock forward onto R

Kick Ball Cross, Side, Behind, Quarter Shuffle, Step Pivot 1/2
9&10 Kick L forward, Step L together, Cross R over L
11,12 Step L to Side, Step R behind L
13&14 Making a quarter turn L, Shuffle forward on Left L,R,L
15,16 Step forward on R, 1/2 pivot L

Rock Forward, back, 3/4 Triple, Step pivot 1/2, Shuffle forward
17,18 Rock forward on R, Rock Back onto L,
19&20 Making a 3/4 turn Right, Triple Right, Left, Right
21,22 Step forward on L, 1/2 pivot R
23&24 Shuffle forward on Left L,R,L

Quarter Pivot, Cross Shuffle, Side Rock, Behind, Side, Forward
25,26 Step Forward on R , Quarter Pivot L
27&28 Cross Shuffle to Left, Right, Left, Right
29,30 Side Rock onto L, Recover on Right
31&32 Step R behind L, Step R to Side, Step forward Slightly on L


Easy 4 Count Tag end of walls 4 and 8
1,2,3,4Step R Slightly to side Double Right Hips, Double Left Hips

Contact: karenc68@bigpond.com