Waltzin' All Over My Heart

Choreographer: Linda Nyholm
Count: 24 Wall: 2 Level: Improver
Music: Walkin' All over My Heart - Ten Feet Tall and Bulletproof- Travis Tritt

[1-6] Sway, Cross, Triple Step
1-2-3 Sway to left, right left
4-5&6 Cross right over left, step left beside right, step right beside left

[7-12] Rock, Recover, Step, Weave
7-8-9 Rock right over left, recover to left, step right beside left
10-11-12 Cross left in front of right, step right to side, step left behind right

[13-18] Step 1/4, Triple Step, Rock Recover, Step
13-14&15 Step 1/4 right on right, step left fwd, right beside left. left beside right
16-17-18 Rock fwd on right, recover to left, step right beside left

[19-24] Back Twinkle Left, Back Twinkle 1/4 Right
19-20-21 Step left behind right, step right beside left, step left beside right
22-23-24 Step right behind left, turning 1/4 to right, step left beside right, right beside left