Wagon Wheel Rock For Two

Choreographer: Cassey Rowe (UK)
Description 64 Count 0 Wall Intermediate Partner
Music: Wagon Wheel - Wagon Wheel - Single by Nathan Carter,

Adapted from line dance Wagon Wheel Rock choreographed by Yvonne Anderson

Start facing LOD Sweetheart Position Same footwork throughout

[1-8] Cross Rock, Recover, Side Rock, Recover, Cross, Side Behind.
1-4 Rock R across Left, Recover onto Left, Rock R to Right Side, Recover onto Left
5-8 Cross Right over Left, Left Step to side, Cross Right behind Left, Sweep Left from front.

[9-16] Behind, Side, Cross, Sweep, Fwd shuffle.
9-12 Cross Left behind Right, Right Step to side, Cross Left over Right, Sweep Right from back.
13-16 Shuffle Fwd, (Right Left Right) Hold.

[17-24] Step, Brush, Step, Brush, Side, Hold, Back Rock, Recover.
17-20 Left step Fwd, Brush Right, Right step Fwd, Brush Left.
21-24 Left step to left side, Hold, Right Step Back, Recover onto Left.

[25-32] Step, Brush, Step, Brush, Fwd Shuffle.
25-28 Right step Fwd, Brush Left, Left step Fwd, Brush Right.
29-32 Shuffle Fwd, (Right Left Right) Hold.

[33-40] Cross, Back, Back, Hold, Cross , Back, Back, Hold.
33-37 Cross Left over Right, Right Step Back, Left Step Back, Hold
38-40 Cross Right over Left, Left Step Back, Right Step Back, Hold

[41-48] Strut x2, Coaster Back.
41-44 Left toe strut Fwd, Right toe strut Fwd.
45-48 Left step back, Right step next to Left, Left step Fwd, Hold

[49-56] Fwd Shuffle, Full Turn R Shuffle.
49-52 Shuffle Fwd, (Right Left Right), Hold
53-56 Shuffle full turn Right, (Left Right Left) Hold (Drop left hand and raise right hand)
Easier option: Shuffle on Spot or just the lady turns.

[57-64] Back Shuffle, Coaster
57-60 Shuffle Back, (Right Left Right) Hold
61-64 Left Step back, Right step next to Left, Left Step Fwd, Hold.