Treetops Stomp

Choreographed by Ray Denham
Description: 24 count, 4 wall, beginner line dance
Music: Tall, Tall Trees by Alan Jackson [ 152 bpm CD: Greatests Hits ]
Shortenin Bread by The Tractors [ 138 bpm CD: Farmers In a Changing World

Stomp, Fan Toes, Stomp Fan Toes
1 Stomp right foot forward
2-4 Fan right toe to right, center, right
5 Stomp left foot forward
6-8 Fan left toe to left, center, left

Stomp, Stomp, Swivel Toes In, Swivel Heels In, Vine Right with Hook
9 Stomp right foot to right, (Toes Out, Heels Apart)
10 Stomp left foot to left (Toes Out, Heels Apart)
11 Close toes together
12 Close heels together
13 Step to right on right foot
14 Cross left foot behind right
15 Step to right on right foot
16 Bring left foot up behind right and touch with right hand

Vine Left With 1/4 Turn Left & Hitch, Walk Back x 3, Stomp
17 Step to left on left foot
18 Cross right foot behind left
19 Step to left on left foot turning 1/4 left
20 Bring right knee up and touch with right hand
21-23 Step back on right foot, left foot, right foot
24 Stomp left next to right foot