Too Groovy

Choreographed by Barb and Dave Monroe
Description: 32 Count Beginner – Easy Intermediate Partner (Circle) Dance
Music: Groovy Little Summer Song - Shake What God Gave Yaby James Otto Any Slow to Medium Cha Cha

Couples Start in Sweetheart Position facing LOD

Step, Touch, 1⁄4 Turn Shuffle, Step, Touch, 1⁄4 Turn Shuffle
1.2 Step L forward diagonally L, touch R toe beside L
3&4 Shuffle Right, Left, Right while turning 1⁄4 turn right (facing OLOD)
5.8 Repeat steps 1 thru 4 (facing RLOD)

Rock, Recover, 1⁄2 Turn Shuffle, 1⁄4 Turn, Step Behind, 1⁄4 Turn Shuffle
1.2 Rock forward L, Recover R
3&4 Shuffle Left, Right, Left while turning 1⁄2 turn L (facing LOD)
5.6 Step R forward while turning 1⁄4 L, step L behind (facing ILOD)
(Drop L hand on 1⁄4 turn)
7&8 Shuffle forward Right, Left, Right while turning 1⁄4 R (facing LOD)
(Re-connect L hands while completing forward shuffle)

Cross Rock, Shuffle Side, Cross Rock, Shuffle Side
1.2 Cross L over R, recover R
3&4 Side Shuffle Left, Right, Left
5.6 Cross R over L, recover L
7&8 Side Shuffle Right, Left, Right

Walk, Walk, Shuffle, Rock, Recover, Coaster Step
1.2 Walk forward L, R
3&4 Shuffle forward Left, Right, Left
5.6 Step forward R, recover L
7&8 Step back R, step back L, step forward R
Repeat and Enjoy

( 4/16/10 YouTube link: