Tijuana Tequila

Choreographer: Larry Hayden (UK)
Description 32 count, 2 wall, Beginner Intermediate level
Music: Tijuana Tequila by Kevin Fowler
32 count intro

1,2 Cross right over left, Step back on left
3&4 Chasse right with 1/4 turn right
5,6 Step left forward, 1/2 pivot to right
7&8 1/2 turn shuffle to right stepping L, R, L
(Counts 7&8 can be a 1 and a half turn)

1,2 Rock back on right, recover onto left
3&4 Right kick ball step
5,6 Step forward on right, 1/4 pivot to left
7&8 Right cross over shuffle

1,2 Turning 1/4 to right step left to left side, turning 1/4 to right step right
to right side
3&4 Left cross over shuffle
5,6 Step right to right side swaying hips out to right side, recover onto left
swaying hips to left
7,8 Cross rock right over left, (with feet still crossed) recover onto left

1&2 Right cross shuffle
3&4 Chasse left
5&6 Right Sailor
7,8 Cross left over right, point (or low kick) right to right side