Tijuana Shuffle

Choreographed by Dee Russell
Description: 32 count, 4 wall, intermediate line dance
Music: Blue - Blue by LeAnn Rimes 92 bpm
Baby Likes To Rock It by The Tractors 160 bpm CD: The Tractors The Tractors

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1-2 Rock right forward, recover weight on to left foot
3-4 Rock right back, recover weight on to left foot
5-6-7&8 Twist both heel to the right left right, center, right

9&10 Chassé forward left right left
11-12 Place right foot forward and pivot 1/4 turn to left
13&14 Chassé forward right left right
15-16 Place left foot forward and pivot 1/2 turn to the right

17-19 Three step grapevine to left turning 1/2 turn left on 3rd step
20&21 Chassé side right on right left right
22-23 Rock back on the left foot, recover with right
24&25 Chassé side to the left on left right left

26-27 Rock right back, recover to left
28&29 Kickball change on the right foot
30-32 Touch right side, cross right behind, unwind 1/2 turn to the right