There Will Be Love

Choreographer: Chris Watson & Lorraine Shelton
Description 72 Count 4 Wall Intermediate waltz Line Dance
Music: There Will Be Love Adam Brand (iTunes)

Step Forward, Hold , Hold, 1/2 Turn Waltz
1-2-3 Step forward onto Left, Hold, Hold
4-5-6 Step back on Right, making a half turn via Left step forward onto Left and Right together (Slight to Right side)

Left Sailor, Behind Side, Cross
1-2-3 Step Left behind Right, weight back onto Right, step Left to Left Side
4-5-6 Step Right Behind Left, Left to Left Side and cross Right over Left

1/4 Turn Left, Hook R over Left, Hold. Full Turn Waltz Forward
1-2-3 Step Left to Left side making a 1/4 Turn Right, Hook Right foot over Left Shin, Hold ( 9 O Clock)
4-5-6 Moving Forward making a full turn, Step Right, Left, Right

Forward Coaster Step, Back, 1/4 Cross
1-2-3 Step Forward onto Left, Step Right Together and Step back onto Left
4-5-6 Step Back onto Right, 1/4 Turn Left stepping Left to Left side, Cross Right over Left (6 O Clock)

Step, Drag, Full turn to Right
1-2-3 Step Left to Left Side, Drag Right together towards Left, Hold
4-5-6 Rolling to the Right side turn a full turn, stepping Right, Left, Right

Twinkle. Cross, Point & Hold
1-2-3 Twinkle Cross Left over Right rock Right to Right side and back onto Left
4-5-6 Cross Right Over Left, Point Left to Left side, Hold

Step Back Behind & cross, Hold, Cross, Point Hold
1-2-3 Step Left foot behind Right, Point Right toe to Right side and Hold
4-5-6 Cross Right foot over Left and Point Left toe to Left side, Hold

Behind Side Cross, Drag Together
1-2-3 Step Left behind Right, Step Right to Right Side, Cross Left over Right
4-5-6 Large Step Right to Right side and drag Left together to right for 2 counts keeping weight on Right

1 1/4 Roll to the Left, Rock Forward, Replace Half
1-2-3 Rolling to Left do a 1 1/4 turn Stepping Left, Right, Left (3 O' Clock)
4-5-6 Rock forward onto Right, rock back onto Left, make a 1/2 turn Right stepping forward onto Right (9 O clock)

Step Drag, Step Drag
1-2-3 Step forward onto Left, drag Right together towards Left for 2
4-5-6 Step forward onto Right, drag Left together towards Right for 2

Rock Replace, Step Back, Cross back, back
1-2-3 Rock forward onto Left and back onto Right, Step Left foot back to Left diagonal
4-5-6 Cross Right over Left, Step Left foot back to Left diagonal Step right foot back to Right diagonal

Cross back, Step Back, 1/2 Turn Step, 1/2 turn Pivot
1-2-3 Cross Left over Right, Step Right foot back to Right diagonal, 1/2 turn Left stepping forward onto Left ( 3 O clock)
4-5-6 Step Right foot forward 1/2 turn Pivot, transfer weight onto Left, step forward onto Right

72 counts Restart Dance New Direction

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