The Alpine

Choreographed by Unknown
Description: 28 count, 4 wall, beginner line dance
Music: The Cowboy Rides Away - The Very Best of George Strait (1981-1987) by George Strait On A Good Night by Wade Hayes

1-4 Fan right foot right and return, repeat
5-8 Fan left foot left and return, repeat

9-12 Right heel touch forward and return, repeat
13-16 Left heel touch forward and return, repeat

17 Right heel touch forward
18 Right foot cross over left
19 Right heel touch forward
20 Right foot back in place

21 Left heel touch forward
22 Left foot cross over right
23 Left heel touch forward
24 Left foot back in place

25 Step to left with left foot
26 Right foot cross behind left
27 Step to left while turning 1/4 turn to left
28 Stomp right beside left