Choreographed by John & Janette Sandham
Description: 40 count, beginner couples dance
Position: Start in Sweetheart
Music: Tempted - Whiskey and Rhinestones: The Ultimate Collection by Marty Stuart

This is a mirror dance. Ladies steps on opposite to men

1-4 Walk forward on left, right, left and kick inside foot forward.
5-8 Step back on right, left, right, touch left beside right.

9-12 Step left, slide right to left, step left, slide right to left
13-16 Step right, slide left to right, step right, slide left to right
(ladies on opposite foot do a rolling turn inwards and rejoin in sweetheart position)

17-20 Step left foot forward, step right up to left, step right foot back, step left back to right.
21-24 Step left to side, then right up to left, step right to side, then left up to right.
(As you step away from each other drop the sweetheart position, join gents right with ladies left and resume sweetheart position as you come back together)

25-28 Heel swivels swivel right, left-right-left.
(bump hips as you come together & remember ladies opposite)
29-32 Left heel tap forward twice, left toe back twice.
33-40 Four shuffles starting on left foot.


Tempted Dance Video