Sweeter Than Molasses

Choreographer: Karen Hedges (USA)
Description 32 count, 4 wall, Beginner Intermediate level
Music: When the Sun Goes Down (Duet With Uncle Kracker) - Greatest Hits II by Kenny Chesney bpm 105

Toe struts, side rock, behind side cross
1-4 Step ball of Right side right, step down Right,Cross ball of Left over Right, step down Left
5-6 Rock out side right, recover
7&8 Step Right behind Left, step side left, cross Right over Left

Toe struts, side rock, behind side step
9-12 Step ball of Left side left, step down Left Cross ball of Right over Left,
step down Right
13-14 Rock out side left, recover Right
15 & 16 Step Left behind Right, step side right, step forward Left

Triple step, 1/2 turn, triple step, side rock
17 &18 Step forward Right, bring L to meet step forward Right
19-20 Step forward Left, 1/2 turn right step forward Right
21 & 22 Step forward Left, bring Right to meet step forward Left
23-24 Step side Right, recover Left

Crossing triple, side rock, crossing triple, 1/4 turn
25 & 26 Cross Right over Left, bring Left to meet Right cross Right over Left
27-28 Step side Left, recover Right
29 & 30 Cross Left over Right, bring Right to meet Left cross Left over Right
31-32 Step forward Right, 1/4 left