Sunrise and Tequila

Choreographer: DJ Dan & Winnie
Beginner intermediate 4 wall line dance, 32 counts.
Music: Tequila Sunrise - Country Treasures by Robert Allen 109 bpm. Intro 16 counts.

1-8 Sway R/L. Chasse 1/4 R, Step, Pivot 1/4 R, Cross Shuffle
1-2 Step Right to right side sway hips Right. Sway hips Left.
3&4 Step Right to right side. Step Left next to Right. Make 1/4 turn right step Right forward [3]
5-6 Step Left forward. Pivot 1/4 turn left [6]
7&8 Cross Left over Right. Step Right to right side. Cross Left over Right.

9-16 2 X 1/4 Turn L, Cross, Point, Step Back, Point, Rock Step Back
1-2 Make 1/4 turn left step Right back. Make 1/4 turn left step Left to left side [12]
3-4 Cross Right over Left. Point Left toe to left side.
5-6 Step Left back. Point Right toe to right side.
7-8 Rock Right back. Recover onto Left.

17-24 Cross Rock, 1/4 Turn R. 1/2 Turn R. Rock Step Back, Prissy Walks
1-2 Cross rock Right over Left. Recover onto Left.
3-4 Make 1/4 turn right step Right forward. Make 1/2 turn right step Left back [9]
5-6 Rock Right back bend knees and Left L-heel. Recover onto Left and drop Left heel.
7-8 Step Right forward and across Left. Step Left forward and across Right.

25-32 Step, Pivot 1/2 L, Shuffle 1/2 Turn L, 1/2 Turn L, Step Fwd, Shuffle Fwd
1-2 Step Right forward. Pivot 1/2 turn left [3]
3&4 Shuffle 1/2 turn left stepping Right, Left, Right [9]
5-6 Make 1/2 turn left step Left forward. Step Right forward [3]
7&8 Shuffle forward stepping Left, Right, Left.
Option 3-6:
3&4 Shuffle forward stepping Right, Left, Right
5-6 Step Left forward. Step Right forward.

Begin again.