Summertime Fever

Choreographer: Kevin & Maria Smith
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Easy Intermediate Line Dance
Music: Summertime Fever - Ten Rounds by Tracy Byrd.

Starts on vocals

Rock Side Replace, Behind & Cross,1/2 Pivot Right 1/2 Pivot Right
1,2,3&4 Rock Right to side, take weight Left, step R behind Left & step Left to Side, cross R over Left
5,6,7,8 Step fwd Left, 1/2 pivot right wt Right, step Left fwd, 1/2 pivot right wt Right,

& Out ,Clap,& out Back, Clap, Twisty Walk Back Right, Left Right, Left
&1,2,&3,4(&) Step Left out ,step Right out, CLAP, & step Right back, step Left back, CLAP,
5,6,7,8 Twisty walk backwards Right, Left, Right, Left, ( restart wall 7 here )

Cross Samba, Left Across Right,Point Right, 1/4 Turn Coaster,Step,Touch
1&2,3,4 Fwd cross samba Right,Left,Right, step Left over Right, point Right to side
5&6,7,8 1/4 turn right coaster step back Right,Left,Right, step fwd Left, touch Right next Left

Step Right, Left,Full Turn Cha Cha, Left Heel,Right Heel,Point & Touch
1,2,3&4 Step Right to side, step Left behind Right, full turn right stepping Right,Left,Right
5&6&7 Left heel fwd, & step Left next Right, Right heel fwd, & step Right next Left, point Left toe
&8 & Step Left next to Right, touch Right next Left,

Start Again

Wall 7 back wall dance up to count 16 twisty walks back RESTART .
Finish: end of wall 10 (3 o'clock) Heels Left,Right,Left,touch Right, 1/4 turn then to front