Choreographer: Jenergy
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Intermediate Line Dance
Music: Springsteen - Chief by Eric Church

Left Forward Mambo, Right Coaster Cross, Side Rock-Side Kick, Sailor 1/4 Turn Right
1&2 Rock forward left, recover weight on right, bring left to right (weight on Left)
3&4 Step back right, bring left to right, cross right over left
5&6 Rock Left to Left side, recover weight on R, bring Left to Right putting weight on Left kicking Right to Right side
7&8 Step Right around behind Left as you turn 1/4 Right, step out Left (facing 3 o'clock) step out Right

Left Shuffle Forward, 1/2 Turn Left, Full Turn Right, Rock Forward Left Recover Right
1&2 Shuffle forward: step forward Left, bring Right to Left, step forward Left
3&4 With Left leg in place push Right foot forward to turn 1/2 Left (facing 9 o'clock), recover weight on Left (now forward foot), step forward Right
5-6 Full turn Right stepping Left then Right
7-8 Rock forward Left, Recover Right

Half Left Jazz Box Shuffle Left, Half Right Jazz Box Shuffle Right With 1/4 Turn
1-2 Cross Left over Right, Step back Right
3&4 Shuffle: Step Left out to Left, bring Right to Left, Step Left out to Left
5-6 Cross Right over Left Step back Left
7&8 Shuffle 1/4 turn: Step Right to Right as you make 1/4 turn Right, bring Left to Right, step forward Right * Restart here on 4th & 8th walls.

Step Forward Left, Right Swing Around, Quick Right Jazz Box, 1/2 Pivot Right, 1/4 Pivot Right
1-2 Step forward Left, Kick Right around in prep for jazz box
3&4 Cross Right over Left, Step out Left, Step out Right
5-6 Step Left, pivot 1/2 Right stepping Right
7-8 Step Left, pivot 1/4 Right stepping Right