Speed Dating

Choreographer Val Barrett (Kibris Liners, Northern Cyprus)
Description 32 counts, 4 wall Beginner Dance
Music Speed dating by Turner West.

16 Count Intro. Start at the singing.

Section 1 Vine Right, Touch, Twist Left, Right, left, Right.
1-4 Step right to right, cross left behind right, step right to the right, touch left to the right.
5-8 Twist on ball of feet, Heel Left, Right, Left, Right.

Section 2 Vine Left, 1/4 Turn Touch, Twist Right, Left, Right, Left.
1-4 Step left to left, cross right behind left, step left to the left, 1/4 turn left touch.
5-8 Twist on ball of feet, heel right, left, right, left.

Section 3 Forward on Heels, Taking Weight. Return to Place. Stomp Left To Side, Fan Heels
1-2 Step forward onto heel of right, Step forward onto heel of Left, (Shoulder width apart) (Toes off the floor, balancing on heels.)
3-4 Step Right back, step left back in place.
5-8 Step Left foot to left side, fan right heel towards left, fan right toe in towards left, fan right heel in towards left.

Section 4 Step Turn Step. Step Turn Step
1-4 Step forward Right, 1/2 turn left, taking weight on left, Step forward right, hold.
5-8 Step forward left, 1/2 turn right, taking weight on right, step forward left, hold..

End of Dance. Start again and enjoy.