Sounds Like Love

Choreographer: Eddie Huffman
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Beginner Line Dance
Music: Sounds Like Love - Johnny Lee by Johnny Lee

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Right toe Touch, Flick, Chasse Right, Rock, Recover
1-4 Touch right toe to side, front, side, flick right behind left
5&6 Chassé side right-left-right
7-8 Rock left back, recover to right

Left toe Touch, Flick, Chasse 1/4 Left, Rock, Recover
1-4 Touch left toe to side, front, side, flick left behind right
5&6 Chassé 1/4 left stepping left-right-left (9:00)
7-8 Rock right forward, recover to left

Vine Right, Brush, Vine Left, Brush
1-4 Vine right, small left brush forward
5-8 Vine left, small right brush forward

Toe Struts, Jazz Box
1-4 Touch right toe forward, drop right heel, touch left toe forward, drop left heel
5-8 Cross right over left, step back on left, step right to side, step left together