Small World

Choreographer: Micaela (Svensson) Erlandsson and LD Crazy Mike
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Improver Line Dance
Music: It's Such a Small World - Rodney Crowell & Rosanne Cash CD: Diamonds & Dirt

Intro 16 counts

Side, Cross, Touch, Step, Cross, Rock Step, Cross Shuffle
1-2 Step right to right side, Cross left over right.
3&4 Touch right toe beside left, Step right foot down, Cross left over right.
5-6 Rock right foot to right side, recover onto left.
7&8 Cross right over left, Step left to left, cross right over left.

Step, Cross, Unwind 1/2 right, Shuffle R , Step, Tap, Step, Heel, Step, Tap
1-2 & Step left to left side, Cross right behind left, unwind 1/2 right.
3&4 Step right foot forward, Step left beside right, Step right foot forward.
5-6& Step left forward, Tap right toe behind left. Step right foot down.
7&8 Put left heel forward, Step left foot down, Tap right toe behind left foot.

R Lock Step back, Shuffle turn 1/2 left, Full turn left, Shuffle forward, Step
1&2 Step back on right, Cross left over right, Step back on right.
3&4 Shuffle 1/2 left, left, right, left.
5-6 Turn 1/2 left stepping right foot back, Turn 1/2 left stepping forward on on left. (Option: walk forward, right , left)
7&8 & Step forward on right, Step left beside right, Step forward on right, Step left beside right.
Restart here on wall 3

Rock Step, Triple 3/4 turn right, Rock step, Behind, Side, Cross.
1-2 Rock forward on right, recover onto left.
3&4 Triple 3/4 turn right, stepping right, left, right.
5-6 Rock forward on left, recover onto right.
7&8 Cross left behind right, Step right to right side, Step left across right.

Start over!

Tag after wall 7: Repeat the first 4 counts of the dance, and then start over.
Ending: Change the 3 last counts of the 4th section (the behind side cross) and make a shuffle turn 1/2 left and step forward on left (7&8&1)