Sinners Strut

Choreographer: Jan Wyllie
Description: 32 count 4 wall Beginner Line Dance
Music: Heaven's Just a Sin Away - One More Time - The MCA Recordings (Remastered) by Kelly Willis or No One Needs To Know by Shania Twain

Grapevine to Right with Stomp, 2x Heel Struts
1-2 Step right to right, step left behind right
3-4 Step right to right, stomp left beside right (keep weight on right)
5-6 Touch left heel forward, drop left foot to floor
7-8 Touch right heel forward, drop right foot to floor

Rock Forward, Replace, Step, Hold. Rock Back, Replace, Step, Hold
9 - 10 Rock Step forward on left, rock back on right
11 - 12 Step Back on left, hold
13 - 14 Rock Step back on right, Rock forward on left
15 - 16 Step forward on right, Hold

Kick Ball Change, Step Forward, Hold x 2
17 & 18 Kick left foot forward, Step left beside right, step right beside left,
19 - 20 Step forward on left, hold
21 & 22 Kick Right foot forward, step right beside left, step left beside right
23 - 24 Step forward right, hold

Rock Forward, Replace, Step Touch x 2 1/4 Turn Left Touch
25 - 26 Rock step forward on left, rock back on right
27 - 28 Step back on left. Touch right beside left
29 - 30 Step back on right , touch left beside right
31 - 32 Making 1/4 turn left step left to left side, touch right beside left