Silver Wings

Choreographer: Judith Campbell, Hooked on Country
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Improver Intermediate Line Dance
Music: Silver Wings - Country Strong (More Music from the Motion Picture) by Garrett Hedlund,

Intro: wait 9 seconds then count 16 on the strong beats – start on the word “WINGS”

[1-8] Rocking Chair Shuffle Half Turn Rock Recover
1 2 3 4 Step rock fwd on R, recover back on L, rock back on R, recover onto L
5&6 Shuffle fwd on R turning a 1/2 to L, (6:00)
7 8 Rock back on L, recover fwd on R

[9-16] Side Rock Cross (X3) Lrl Step Fwd Half Pivot
1&2 Step LeFoot to LeFoot, recover onto R (&), cross L over R,
3&4 Step Right to Right, recover onto L (&), cross R over L,
5&6 Step LeFoot to LeFoot, recover onto R (&), cross L over R,
7 8 Step fwd onto R Foot, 1/2 pivot to L (12:00)

[17-24] Cross Rock Step Cross Rock Step Quarter Paddle Left Side Shuffle to R
1 2& Cross step R Foot over L, recover back onto L, step R next to L (&),
3 4& Cross step LeFoot Foot over Right, recover back onto R, step L next to R (&),
5 6 7&8 Step R Foot fwd, turn 1/4 to L (weight on L Foot), side shuffle to R side (RLR) (9:00)

[25-32] Rock Recover Side Shuffle to L Tap Behind Half Turn to R Sway Sway
1 2 3&4 Rock step back on L, recover fwd on R, side shuffle to L side (LRL)
5 6 Tap R Foot behind L, unwind 1/2 to R (taking weight onto L Foot) (3:00)
7 8 Step Right to Right side sway, sway to L side

[32] Start dance in new direction. Enjoy

Tag: At the end of WALL 3: (you will be facing 9:00) - add 4 more sways RLRL

I have dedicated this dance to our dear friend Lesley Stapleton, we miss you.
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