Choreographer: Jean-Claude & Yveline CHERPION
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Novice - ECS Line Dance
Music: I Wish That I Can Fall In Love Today by Blaine Larsen (140 bpm)

S 1: Back Rock Step, R Point, Touch, R Side Triple Step, Back Rock Step
1-2 Right Back Rock Step RF, Recover
3-4 Point Right foot to right side (straight leg), Touch RF beside LF
5&6 Right Triple Step to right side RLR
7-8 Back Rock Step LF, Recover

S 2: L Step, Behind,1/4 turn Triple Step, Fw R L Toe Strut
1-2 Left Step, Cross RF behind LF
3&4 Left Triple Step 1/4 turn LRL
5-6 Right Toe Strut
7-8 Left Toe Strut

S 3: Jazz Box, R Triple Step, Back Rock Step
1-4 Cross RF over LF, Left Back Step, Right Step to Right Side, Cross LF over RF
5&6 Right Triple step to Right Side RLR
7-8 Back Rock Step LF, Recover

S 4: Large Left Step, Touch, Fw Triple Step, Step, Touch, Step, Kick
1-2 Left Large Step to Left Side, Touch RF beside LF
3&4 Forward Triple Step LRL
5-6 Forward Right Step, Touch LF behind RF
7-8 Back Right Step, Kick RF

Good dance

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