She Taught Me To Yodel

Choreographer John Warnars
Description 32 Count 2 Wall Easy Intermediate Line Dance
Music: She Taught Me To Yodel by Kenny Archer (2.31 mins)

Note: Nice little Polka number

Section 1 Cross Rock Recover, Right Side Shuffle, Cross, Side, Behind, Side, Cross
1-2 Cross Rock Right foot over Left Foot, Recover weight back onto left
3&4 Step Right foot to right side, Step left next to right, Step right foot to right side
5-6 Cross step left foot over right, step right foot to right side
7&8 Cross step left foot behind right foot, step right to right side, cross step left over right

Section 2 Right Side Rock, Recover, Cross Shuffle, Left Point, Close, Right Point, 1/4 Turn Right Close, Heel Tap, Hook,
9-10 Rock right foot to right side, Recover back to left foot
11&12 Cross step right foot over left, small step to left, cross step right over left
13&14 Tap left toe to left side, step left next to right, tap right toe to right side
15-16 Tap left heel forwards, hook left foot in front of right shin

Section 3 Left Shuffle Forward, Rock, Recover, Shuffle 1/2 Turn Right, Shuffle 1/4 Turn Right
17&18 Step forward on left foot, Close right next to left, step forward on left foot
19-20 Rock forward on right, recover weight onto back onto left
21&22 Shuffle 1/2 right on a right left right
23&24 Shuffle 1/4 right on a left right left

Section 4 Cross Rock Back, Recover, Right Kick Ball Cross, Right Side Shuffle, Cross Behind, 1/2 Turn Left Unwind
25-26 Cross rock right behind left, replace weight back onto left
27&28 Kick diagonally forward to the right with the right foot, step down on ball of right foot next to left, cross left over right
29&30 Shuffle to the right on a right, left, right,
31-32 On the Ball of the left foot step left behind right, unwind 1/2 turn left (keeping weight on the left foot ready to start again with cross rock right over left..)

Choreographer's notes from the 8th wall the music will speed up for 32 counts then 16 counts of slower music to finish of the dance.

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