Same Heart Swing

Choreographed by Max Perry
Description: 24 count, 4 wall, low intermediate line dance
Music: Same Hearts by Kimber Clayton - Kimber Clayton

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Shuffle Step, Shuffle Step, Rock Step
1&2 Chassé forward right left right
3&4 Chassé forward left right left
5-6 Step right forward, step left in place (rock forward, back)

1/2 Turn Right, Step, Walk, Walk, Walk (Optional 1 1/2 Spin Right)
&7 Turn 1/2 right (weight to right)
8-10 Step left forward, step right forward, step left forward

Option: you may want to dance a 1-1/2 spin right in this section. It will be as follows

& Turn 1/2 left
7 Step right forward & turn 1/2 right
8 Step left back & turn 1/2 right
9 Step right forward
10 Step left forward

Kick, Step, Coaster Step
11-12 Kick right forward, step right back
13&14 Left coaster step

1/2 Turn Left
15-16 Step right forward, turn 1/2 left (weight to left)

1/4 Turn Left While Dancing a Right Shuffle
17&18 Right shuffle to right side while turning 1/4 left (right-left-right)
You will swivel on your left foot as you step to the right with the right foot to shuffle

Rock Step, Left Shuffle Turning 1/2 Right, Rock Step
19-20 Step left back, step right in place (rock back, forward)
21&22 Left shuffle turning 1/2 right (left-right-left)
23-24 Step right back, step left in place (rock back, forward)