Round The Clock Lovin' (P)

Choreographer: Meiske Pamaputera,
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Couple/Single Improver Line Dance
Music: Round the Clock Lovin' - This Woman by K. T. Oslin

Intro : 16. No restart, No Tag. Couple Sweetheart position.

Kick Ball Cross, Sway R & L, Cross Step Cross, 1/4 Turn Right 2x
1&2 Kick right, step on ball of right, cross left over right.
3-4 Sway right to right, sway left to left
5&6 Cross right behind left, step left to left, cross right over left
7-8 1/4 Turn right step back left, 1/4 turn right step right side ( 06;00 )
* Couple ; Man - Straight away 1/2 Turn Right step side Left, step Right in place

Cross, Recover, Shuffle 1/4 turn left, Shuffle 1/2 turn left, Step back, 1/2 Turn Right
1-2 Cross left over right, recover on right.
3&4 Step left to left side, step right close to left, 1/4 turn left step left
forward ( 03;00)
*Couple : Man - do shuffle 1/4 in place/ smaller step
Lady - do bigger 1/4 shuffle step, so their shoulders are square.

5&6 1/4 turn left step forward right, step left close to right, 1/4 turn left
step back right. ( 09;00)
* Couple hands movement : When doing 1/2 shuffle turn left, release Right hands, lift Left hands up- then step back on Left and join right hands cross below.
7-8 Step back on left, 1/2 Turn right step right forward. ( 03;00 )
* Couple hands movement : When making a 1/2 Turn Right, release Right hands making a circle – back to sweetheart position.

Rock, Recover, shuffle back, 1/2 Turn Right, Step fwd, Shuffle fwd
1-2 Rock Left forward, recover on right
3&4 Step back left, right, left
5-6 1/2 Turn Right step right forward, step left forward.
* Couple hands movement: When making a 1/2 Turn Right still join hands & make a half circle with left hands, cross below
7&8 Step forward on right, left, right ( 09:00 )

Step forward, 1/2 Turn left, Step back, Recover, 2 step forward , Step Lock Left forward
1-2 Step forward on Left, 1/2 Turn left step back right.
* Couple hands movement : When making a 1/2 Turn Left, lift Left Hands make a half circle back to sweetheart position.
3-4 Step back on left, recover on right
5-6 Step forward on left & right
7&8 Step left forward, cross right behind left, step left fwd ( 03;00)