Rock me Mama

(a/k/a Wagon Wheels)
Choreographed by Barb and Dave Monroe
Description 32 count 0 Wall Beginner Partner Dance
Music: Wagon Wheel - Wagon Wheel - Single by Darius Rucker, I Can Take It From There by Chris Young
Couples start in cape position facing LOD with weight on L

Rocking Chair, Jazz Box 1/4 Turn
1-2 Rock R forward, replace weight L
3-4 Rock R back, replace weight L
5-8 Cross R over L, step L back, step R with 1/4 turn R, touch L
(now facing OLOD in Tandem Indian position)

Side Shuffle, Rock Step, Side Shuffle, Rock 1/4 Turn
9&10 Side Shuffle L, R, L
11-12 Cross rock R behind L, replace weight L
13&14 Side Shuffle R,L,R
15-16 Turn 1/4 L to face LOD and rock L back, rock R forward

Step, Scuff, Step 1/2 Turn, Strut, Strut
17-18 Step L forward, Scuff R
19-20 Step R forward (bring R arms over lady's head and drop L hands), pivot 1/2 turn L to RLOD, replace weight L
(R arms behind man's back in hammerlock, pickup L hands in front of lady)
21-24 R toe heel strut, L toe heel strut

Rocking Chair, Step 1/2 Turn, Walk, Walk
25-28 Rock forward on R, recover on L, rock back on R, recover on L
29-30 Step R forward (drop R hands and bring L hands over lady's head), pivot 1/2 turn L to LOD
(pick up L hands returning to cape position), replace weight L
31-32 Walk R, Walk L