Redneck Angel

Choreographer: Cheri Litzenburg and Renae Filiou
Description 16 Count 4 Wall High Beginner Line Dance
Music: Merry Go Round - The JaneDear Girls by The JaneDear Girls OR Redneck Angel - red Blooded American Boy by Dean Crawford

Scissor Step Right, Scissor Step Left
1&2& Rock out to side right, Recover to left, Cross Right over Left, Hold
3&4& Rock out to side left, Recover to right, Cross Left over Right, Hold

Hip Bump Turn, Coaster Step
5&6& Step Right out to Right Side, Bump hips Left, 1/4 turn left with weight to right foot, hold
7&8& Step left foot back, Step right foot back, Step left foot forward, hold

Lock Step Right*, Lock Step Left*
1&2& Diagonal Step forward right, lock left foot behind right, Step forward right, hold
3&4& Diagonal Step forward left, lock right foot behind left, Step forward left, hold

Pivot Chase Turn, Full Turn Right
5&6& Step right forward, 1/2 turn pivot to the left with left taking weight, step right forward, hold
7&8& Turn 1/2 right and step left back, turn 1/2 right and step right forward, Step left forward, hold

*Style Option - Use extra hip action on lock steps