Rainin and Pourin

Choreographer: Jim Bauer
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Beginner Line Dance
Music: It's Raining - Outside the Lines by Larry Frick

16 count intro

Walk, Walk, Jazz box, Step 1/2 Turn
1 Walk forward right
2 Walk forward left
3-6 Jazz box (right cross over left, left back, right to right, left forward)
7-8 Step 1/2 turn to left (right, left)

Weave Left, Vine Rear
1-4 Weave to left (cross right over left, step left, cross right behind, step left)
5-8 Vine to rear (back right, left, right, touch left

Weave Right, Walk, Walk, Step 1/4 Turn
1-4 Weave to right (cross left over right, step right, cross left behind, step right)
5 Step forward left
6 Step forward right
7-8 Step 1/4 turn to right (step forward left, turn 1/4 right)

Rock, Recover, Rock, Hold, Step 1/2 Turn, Step 1/2 Turn
1 Step forward left
2 Recover back on right
3 Step back left
4 Hold
5-6 Step 1/2 turn to left (right, left)
7-8 Step 1/2 turn to left (right, left)


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