Railway Stations

Choreographer: Val Barrett (Kibris Liners Northern Cyprus)
Description 40 Counts, 4 Wall Beginner Dance.
Music: Railway Stations by Cecilio & Kapono (Elua)

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Section 1 Toe Strut Jazz Box. 1/4 Turn
1-4 Cross right toe over left foot, Snap right heel down. Put left toe back, Snap left heel down.
5-8 1/4 turn right toe forward, snap right heel down. Left toe next to right foot, snap left heel down.

Section 2 Right Scissors. Bounce Heels x 2. Twist heels to right x 2.
1-4 Step right to right side, step left next to right. Cross right over left. Hold
5-6 While Feet are crossed. Bounce Heels x 2 times.
7-8 Twist Heels to the right x 2

Section 3 Back Coaster. Step Turn Step.
1-4 Step back on right, step left next to right, step forward on right. Hold.
5-8 Step forward, left 1/2 turn right, taking weight on right foot. Step left forward hold.

Section 4 Step Turn Step. Left Scissors
1-4 Step Right forward. 1/2 turn left, weight on left. Step Right forward, hold.
5-8 Step left to left side, step right next to left, cross left over right, Hold.

Section 5 Heel Bounces, Twist Heels to Left x 2. Back Coaster.
1-2 While feet are crossed bounce heels x2.
3-4 Twist heels to Left x 2
5-8 Put Left foot back, place right next to left, step left forward.

Section 6 Step Turn Step, Turn Step.
1-4 Step right foot forward 1/2 turn left. Weight on left foot. Step forward on right, hold.
5-8 Step Left Forward, 1/2 turn right, weight on right, step forward left. Hold.

End of Dance start again and enjoy.