Queen of My Heart

Choreographed by Kalvin & Patricia Finch
Description 48 Count Easy Intermediate Partner Dance
start in Indian Postion Man Behind Lady Both Facing OLOD
Same steps for both partners unless stated.
Music Any medium pace waltz, You're the One Dwight Yoakam CD: last chance For a Thousands Years Cowboy's And Angels Garth Brooks CD: Fresh Horses
Strawberry Wine - Did I Shave My Legs for This? Deana Carter Queen of My Heart (Single by Westlife)

Weave To The Left Man 1/4 Turn Left Lady 1 1/4 Turns To Left Both Waltz Forward
1-3 Left to side, right behind left then left to side
4-6 Right over left, left to side right behind
1-3 waltz a 1/4 turn left & the lady turns a 1 & 1/4 turn left (Release Left hand) In LOD
4-6 Both waltz forward Right Left Right (back into sweet heart)

Lady Turns 1/2 Turn Right Both Waltz Apart Both Pin Wheel 1/2 Turn To Right
Lady Turns 1/2 Turn To Right

1-3 Man waltz's a break, step forward together and back Left Right Left, (Release left hand)
Lady waltz's a 1/2 turn to her right facing RLOD right arms raised palm to palm.
4-6 Both waltz back apart Right Left Right
1-3 Both start to waltz a pinwheel turn to the right stepping Left Right Left
4-6 Both complete the pinwheel 1/2 turns stepping Right Left Right Man facing RLOD lady facing LOD

Man Rocks Recovers And Forward, Lady Waltz A 1/2 Turn Right,
Both Waltz Forward, Break Forward & Back
1-3 Man waltz's on the spot back together forward,
Lady Waltz a 1/2 turn right into sweetheart.
Both facing RLOD (Left Right Left)
4-6 In sweetheart position both waltz forward Right Left Right
1-3 Break step forward Left Right Left
4-6 Break step back Right Left Right
Man Weaves Behind Lady Who Rolls A Full Turn In Front,

1/2 Turn Left 1/4 Turn Right Side Back Rock X2
1-3 Man steps left behind right, side right and left forward.
Release right hand and allow lady to roll in front Stepping Left Right Left
4-6 Both step forward on right and turn 1/2 turn left and step forward on right.
Both facing LOD in sweetheart
1-3 Both 1/4 turn right stepping left to side (Into Indian position facing OLOD)
rock right behind left recover
4-6 Step right to side rock left behind right recover.

Start again

See you on the Dance floor
Preferred Track Strawberry Wine - Did I Shave My Legs for This? & Queen Of My Heart