Party For Two

Choreographer: Mick Herbert (UK)
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Intermediate Line Dance
Music Party For Two - Shania Twain & Billy Currington
32 count intro - start on vocals - weight on left

Side step Right. Touch Clap. Chasse quarter turn Left. Rock step. Coaster step.
1-2 Step right to right side. Touch left beside right and clap.
3&4 Step left to left side, Close right beside left,
Step left to left side making 1/4 turn left.
5-6 Rock forward right. Rock back left.
7&8 Step back right, step left beside right, step forward right.

Pivot half turn Right. Left shuffle. Pivot 3/4 turn Left. Right shuffle forward.
9-10 Step forward Left. Pivot 1/2 turn Right.
11&12 Left shuffle forward stepping Left, Right, Left.
13-14 Step forward right. Pivot 3/4 turn left (weight finishing on left).
15&16 Right shuffle forward stepping Right, Left, Right.

Toe struts X 2. Toe & Heel switches making quarter turn Left.
17-18 Touch left toe forward. Snap left heel down.
19-20 Touch right toe forward. Snap right heel down.
21&22 Touch left to left side, Step left beside right, Touch right to right side,
&23 Making 1/4 turn left step right beside left, touch left heel forward,
&24 Step left beside right, Touch right next to left.

Kick Ball Change X 2. Pivot half turn Left. Kick & Cross.
25&26 Kick right forward, Step onto ball of Right, Step Left beside Right.
27&28 Repeat steps 25 & 26
29-30 Step forward right. Pivot 1/2 turn left.
31&32 Kick right forward, Step onto ball of right, Cross step left over right.