Our Prescription

Choreographer: Sue Smyth and Michelle Mathieson
Description 64 Count 4 Wall High Improver Line Dance
Music: Put Some Alcohol On It - Day Job by Gord Bamford

32 count intro, Start on word (broke)

Sec 1: Vine Right With Heel Slaps
1-4 step Right to Right side, step Left behind Right, step Right to Right side, slap L foot behind Right with Right hand
5-8 step Left to Left side, slap R in front of L with L hand, step fwd on R, slap Left behind Right with R hand

Sec 2: Back Lock Step Kick, Right Coaster Step Step
1-4 step back on Left, lock right in front of Left, step back on Left, kick Right foot fwd
5-8 step back on Right, step Left beside Right, step fwd on Right step fwd on Left

Sec 3: Step Pivot 1/4 Turn Left Cross Hold, Hinge 1/2 Turn Right Cross Hold
1-4 step fwd on Right pivot 1/4 turn Left, placing weight on Left, cross R over L hold (9 o clock)
5-8 step back on Left 1/4 turn Right, turn 1/4 turn Right stepping Right to Right side, cross Left over Right hold (3 o clock)


Sec 4: Stomp Right Left Swivets Right Centre, Stomp Left Right Swivets Left Centre
1-4 stomp R fwd stomp L fwd, swivet Right toes to Right and Left heel to Left, back to centre,
5-8 stomp L fwd stomp R fwd, swivet Left toes to Left and Right heel to Right, back to centre (weight on L)


Sec 5: Step Back Right Kick Left Clap, Step Back Left Kick Right Clap, Right Coaster Step Hold
1-4 Step back on right, kick left fwd and clap, step back on left kick right fwd and clap (clap hands as you kick)
5-8 Step back on R step L beside R, step fwd on R hold

Sec 6: Step Pivot 1/2 Turn Right Step Hold, Full Turn Step Hold (Alt Run Fwd Right Left Right)
1-4 Step fwd on Left pivot 1/2 turn R placing weight on R, step fwd on L hold (9 o clock)
5-8 Turn full triple turn Left on Right Left Right (or run fwd Right Left Right) hold

Sec 7: Stomp Fwd Left Clap, Stomp Fwd Right Clap, Left Cross Rock Side Hold
1-4 Stomp fwd on Left clap, step fwd on Right clap
5-8 Cross rock Left over Right, rec on Right, step Left to Left side hold

Sec 8: Hip Bumps Right and Left
1-4 Bump hips Right Left Right hold
5-8 Bump hips Left Right Left hold (weight on Left to start the dance again)

Contact: boogiesas@yahoo.co.uk