Nowhere Fast

Choreographer: Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick TheDanceFactoryUK,
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Improver Line Dance
Music: Nowhere Fast - Real Good Time Aaron Watson.

Start after 16 count intro on verse vocals [83 bpm 3mins 02secs]

[1-8] Right Wizard Step, Left Fwd Step Touch Right, Walk Back X 2, Right Coaster Cross
1-2& On Right diagonal step Right forward, lock Left behind Right, step Right forward
3-4 Squaring to front wall step Left forward, touch Right next to Left
5-6 Step Right back, step Left back
7&8 Step Right back, step Left together, cross step Right over Left

[9-16] Left Chasse, Right Rock Recover, Right Side Hold Step Left Tog, Right Side Rock Recover
1&2 Step Left side, step Right together, step Left side
3-4 Rock Right back, recover weight on Left
5-6& Step Right side, hold, step Left together
7-8 Rock Right side, recover weight on Left

[17-24] Weave Left X 2, Right Sailor Heel, Right Back, Cross Left over Right Turning 1/4 Right Step Right Fwd, 1/4 Right Step Left Side Left, Cross Right Behind Left
1-2 Cross step Right over Left, step Left side
3&4 Cross step Right behind Left, step Left side, touch Right heel forward
&5-6 Step Right back, cross step Left over Right, turning 1/4 step Right forward (3 o'clock)
7-8 Turning 1/4 Right step Left to Left side, cross step Right behind Left (6 o'clock)

[25-32] Step Left Side Left, Cross Touch Right Heel over Left, Touch Right Heel Side Right, Right Back Ball Cross, Right Side Right Touch Left Tog, 1/4 Left Chasse
1-3 Step Left side, cross touch Right heel in front of Left, touch Right heel side on right diagonal
&4 Step Right back, cross step Left over Right
5-6 Step Right side, touch Left together
7&8 Step Left to Left side, step Right next to Left, turn 1/4 Left step Left forward (3 o'clock)

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