Nothing But Dust

Choreographer: Rachel Parsons
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Improver Intermediate Line Dance
Music: Dust by Eli Young Band

No Tags No Restarts

Side Shuffle, Rock With 1/4 Turn, Shuffle fwd, Rock
1&2 Side shuffle right (R,L,R) (12 o'clock)
3-4 Rock back on left with 1/4 turn to the Left, Recover Right (9 o'clock)
5&6 Shuffle forward (L,R,L)
7-8 Rock forward on right, Recover left (9'oclock)

1 1/2 Turn, Coaster fwd, Coaster Back
1-4 Step back on right with 1/2 turn right, Step forward on left with 1/2 turn right, Step back on right with 1/2 turn right, Step left beside right. (weight is on the left) (3 o'clock)
5&6 Step forward right, Close left beside right, Step back on right
7&8 Step back left, Close right beside left, Step forward on left.

Walk, Walk, Sway Hips Right, Left, Right box Step With 1/2 Turn Right.
1-2 Walk forward right, Walk forward left
3-4 Touch right together and sway hip right, Sway hip to the left
5-8 Cross Right over left, Pivot 1/2 turn stepping back on left, Step forward right, Step together left. (9 o'clock)

Right Heel, Left Heel, Right Heel Hook Heel, Left Heel, Right Heel, Left Heel Hook Step
1&2& Touch right heel forward, step right together, Touch left heel forward, step left together
3&4& Touch right heel forward, Hook right heel to knee, Touch right heel forward, step right together
5&6& Touch left heel forward, Step left together, Touch right heel forward, Step right together
7&8 Touch left heel forward, Hook left heel to knee, Step down on left. (ending with weight on Left foot)