My Three Girls

Choreographer Juanjo Casas
Description 38 Count 4 Wall Intermediate Line Dance
Music On Earth As It In Texas (Granger Smith CD: Waiting On Forever 1999)
It All Comes Down (Granger Smith Pockets Of Pesos 2005)
Heavy Metal (Craig Moritz CD: The Way I Feel 2005)
Wasted Whiskey (Rodney Atkins CD: If You're Going Through Hell 2006)

Steps Touch Steps Rock Step Scuff Up Cross Hold
1-2 right step forward left step forward
3-4 touch right heel forward right step backward
5-6 rock on left recover on right
7-8 left next to right scuff up on right
9-10 right next to left stomp left next to right
11-12 open right to right open left to left
13-14 cross right over left hold

Grapevine 1/4 Turn Steps Hold
15-16 left step to left cross right behind left
17-18 left step to left turning 1/4 to right right next to left
19-20 right step forward left behind right
21-22 right step forward hold

Rock Step 1/4 Turn Cross
23-24 rock left on left recover on right turning 1/4 to right
25 cross left behind right
26-27 rock right on right recover on left
28 cross right behind left
29-30 rock left on left recover on right
31-32 left next to right right step to right
33-34 hit inside of right foot with left (inside) left kick diagonally to left
35-36 left step turning 1/4 to left cross right behind left
37-38 left step to left right next to left

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