Choreographed by Rob Fowler
Description: 32 count, 4 wall, low intermediate social cha line dance
Music: Selling Sun To Mexico by Deena 144 bpm CD: Not All Cowboys Live In Texas
Kiss The Girl by Little Texas 124 bpm Country Sings Disney
I Just Want to Dance With You - 50 Number Ones by George Strait 114 bpm

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Back Rock, Shuffle Forward, Step 1/2 Pivot, Back, Hold
1 Rock right back
2 Rock left forward
3&4 Chassé forward right-left-right
5 Step left forward
6 Turn 1/2 right, taking weight back on left
7 Step right back
8 Hold

Back Rock, Shuffle Forward, Step 1/2 Pivot, Back, Hold
9 Rock left back
10 Rock right forward
11&12 Chassé forward left-right-left
13 Step right forward
14 Turn 1/2 left, taking weight back on right
15 Step left back
16 Hold

Back Rock, Step, Hold, Side, Close, Back, Hold
17 Rock right back
18 Rock left forward
19 Step right forward
20 Hold
21 Step left side
22 Step right together
23 Step left back
24 Hold

Side, Behind, Chasse 1/4 Turn, Step 1/2 Pivot, Shuffle 1/2 Turn
25 Step right side
26 Cross left behind
27&28 Step right side, step left together, turn 1/4 right and step right forward
29 Step left forward
30 Turn 1/2 right (weight to right)
31&32 Shuffle step 1/2 turn right stepping left-right-left