Makin Boys Go Crazy (P)

Choreographer Sarah Stokes
Description 32 Count 0 Wall Beginner Partner Dance
Music: Makin' This Boy Go Crazy - Dylan Scott (EP) by Dylan Scott


Step tap, Shuffle Left, Cross, Back, Side, Tap
1 Right step diagonally forward
2 Tap left toe next to right
3 & Left step diagonally forward, right step next to left
4 Left step diagonally forward
5 Right steps across left foot
6 Left step back
7 Right step to side
8 Tap left toe forward

Side, Behind, Side, Together: Left Grapevine for the man, Left Turning Grapevine for the Lady, hip Bumps
9 Left step diagonally forward
10 Right cross behind left
11 Left step diagonally side
12 Right tap together
13 Right step side
14 Right hip bump to right
15 Left step in place
16 Left hip bump to left

Side, Behind, Side, Together: (Right Grapevine for Both, Left Grapevine for man & Turning Grapevine for the Lady)
17 Right step side
18 Left step behind right
19 Right step side
20 Left tap next to right
21 Left step to left side
22 Right step behind left
23 Left step side
24 Right tap next to left

Shuffle Right, Shuffle Left, Forward Rock, Back Rock
25 & Right step diagonally forward, left step next to right
26 Right step diagonally forward
27 & Left step diagonally forward, right step next to left
28 Left step diagonally forward
29 Rock right forward
30 Recover back on left
31 Rock right backward
32 Recover forward on left