Lovin On

Choreographed by Alan Haywood
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Intermediate Line Dance
Music Lovin' On - Best of Bellamy Brothers by The Bellamy Brothers  110bpm Alternative tracks: “Love Train” by Glenn Rogers 123 bpm from the Colourslide Album “Something's Gotta Give” by Leann Rimes 108 bpm and “The Last Time” by Hacienda Brothers 124 bpm both from the Line Dance Fever 17 Album

16 count intro, start on main vocals

R Forward, Lock L & L Forward Shuffle, R Forward 1/2 L, R Forward Shuffle
1-2 Step right forward slightly diagonal right, lock left behind right
&3&4 Step right to right side, step left forward, close right next to left, step right forward
5-6 Step forward onto right, pivot 1/2 left
7&8 Step right forward, close left next to right, step right forward

2 Step Full Turn R, L Forward Mambo, R Back, 1/2 L, Making 1/4 L R Side Rock and Cross
1-2 Pivot 1/2 turn right stepping left back, pivot 1/2 turn right stepping right forward (Easy option: walk forward L R)
3&4 Rock forward onto left, recover weight back onto right, step left next to right
5-6 Step right back, pivot 1/2 turn left stepping left forward
7&8 Making 1/4 turn left rock right to right side, recover weight onto left, cross step right over left

L Side, R Behind, & R Heel, & Cross L Over, & Cross L Over, R Side, L Coaster
1-2 Step left to left side, cross step right behind left
&3 Step left to left side, touch right heel diagonally right
&4 Step right next to left, cross step left over right
&5-6 Step right to right side, cross step left over right, step right to right side
7&8 Step back onto left, step right next to left, step left forward

R Forward, 1/2 L, R Forward, 1/4 L, R Over, L Side, R Sailor 1/4 R Touch
1-2 Step forward onto right, pivot 1/2 turn left
3-4 Step forward onto right, pivot 1/4 turn left
5-6 Cross step right over left, step left to left side
7&8 Cross step right behind left, making 1/4 right step left to left side, touch right toe next to left

Sorry folks - there's just one tiny tag!

At the end of wall 5, facing 3 o'clock wall, add 4 counts which are: Keeping weight on left, bump hips right left right left - weight still on left ready - start again!
Tag not required for alternative tracks.