Love You Forever

Choreographer: Rob Fowler (UK), Rachael McEnaney (US/UK) and Jo Thompson Szymanski (US)
Description:32 Count 2 Wall Improver Intermediate Line Dance
Music: I’m Gonna Love You Forever by Scooter Lee. CD: I’m Gonna Love You Forever

Music available from major download sites worldwide or

Intro: 16 heavy slow counts No tags or restarts 94/188 bpm
Note: For this dance, we used the slow count of the music (94 bpm) with &s.

[1-8] Forward, Touch, Back, Hook, Forward Lock Step, Repeat With Left
1& Step R forward; Touch L behind R heel
2& Step L back; Hook R across L shin
3&4 Step R forward; Step L behind R heel; Step R forward
5& Step L forward; Touch R behind L heel
6& Step R back; Hook L across R shin
7&8 Step L forward; Step R behind L heel; Step L forward

[9-16] Step, 1/2 Pivot Left, 1/2 Turn Left Triple, Back, Back, Coaster Step
1-2 Step R forward; Turn 1/2 left shifting weight to L
3&4 Turn 1/4 left step R to right; Step L together/or slightly across; Turn 1/4 left step R back
5-6 Step L back; Step R back
7&8 Step L back; Step R together; Step L forward

[17-24] Side Rock & Cross Right & Left w/ 1/4 Turn Right, Rocking Chair, Walk, Walk
1&2 Rock R to right; Recover onto L; Step R across L
3&4 Rock L to left; Turn 1/4 right recover onto R; Step L forward
5&6& Rock R forward; Recover onto L; Rock R back; Recover onto L
7-8 Step R forward; Step L forward

[25-32] Rock, Recover, 3 Step Turn 1 1/4 Right, Jazz Box
1-2 Rock R forward; Recover onto L
3-4 Turn 1/2 right step R forward; Turn 1/2 right step L back
5 Turn 1/4 right step R to right
6-8 Step L across R; Step R back; Step L to left


Ending: Dance through count 14, on counts 15&16 do a 1/2 turn left (turning sailor) to end facing front.

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