Love Don't Run

Choreographer: Craig Bennett (UK) & Shaz Walton (UK)
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Intermediate Advanced Line Dance
Music: Love Don't Run - Love Don't Run - Single Tribute To Steve Holy - Single by Steve Holy
Link to tutorial video

8 count intro

Side. Rock Recover. Turn 1/8th. Step. 1/2 Step. Step 1/2 1/2 Run Back, Back.
1-2& Step left to left side. Rock right behind left. Recover left.
3 Step right forward making 1/8th turn right (1 o'clock)
4&5 Step forward left. Pivot 1/2 turn right. Step forward left. (5 o'clock)
6&7 Step forward right. Pivot 1/2 turn left. Make 1/2 turn left stepping back right. (Weight right) (5 o'clock)
8& Run back left - right.

Step Sweep. Sailor 1/4 Sway Sway Sway Cross Sweep. Cross. Side. Behind. Hitch. 1/4 Kick. Step.
1 Step left beside right as you sweep right foot from front to back.
2&3 Cross right behind left. Step left to left as you straighten up to 6 o'clock. Step right to right as you sway to the right.
4&5 Sway to the left. Sway to the right. Cross left over right as you sweep the right from back to front.
6&7 Cross step right over left. Step left to left side. Cross step right behind left (angle your body to right diagonal)
8&1 Still at the diagonal hitch left up (bend right knee). Make just over 1/4 left as you kick left forward (lean back slightly). Step left forward. (3 o'clock) ***

Step 1/2 Step 1/2 1/4 Cross Lunge Recover Cross Unwind Side.
2&3 Step forward right. Pivot 1/2 turn left. Step forward right.
4&5 Make 1/2 turn right stepping back left. Make 1/4 turn right stepping right to right side. Cross step left over right (6 o'clock)
6-7 Lunge right to right side. Recover on left.
8&1 Cross step right over left. Unwind a full turn left (finish with weight on left) Step right to right side.

Sweep Sailor 1/2 Cross. Side. Cross. 1/4 1/2 Rock. Recover. Forward Prep. Spiral Left.
2&3 While sweeping left from front to back- cross step left behind right making 1/4 left. Make 1/4 left stepping right to right side. Cross step left over right.
&4 Step right to right. Cross step left over right.
5-6 Make 1/4 right stepping right forward. Make 1/2 right stepping back left.
7&8 Rock back on the right. Recover on the left. Step forward right. (Prep)
& On the ball of the right foot, spiral a full turn left. (9 o'clock)

HOLD: On Walls 1 & 2 there will a 2 count hold at the very end of the dance after the spiral. Just touch the left foot forward ready to go into the dance again.

RESTART: ***During Wall 3, after 16 count