Louisiana Bayou

Choreographer: Lisa Molkner Foord & Dave Molkner, Sydney Australia,
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Level: Beginner
Music: Louisiana by The Woolpackers. Album: The Greatest Line Dancing Party Album - 2:54

INTRO: Dance starts feet tog weight on the L

(1-8) Vine R Touch, Vine L Touch
1,2,3,4 Step R to R side, step L behind R, step R to R side, touch L foot beside R
5,6,7,8 Step L to L side, step R behind L, step L to L side, touch R foot beside L

(9-16) R 45, tog, L 45, tog, double buttermilk
1,2,3,4 Place R heel out 45 deg R, step it back beside L, place L heel 45deg L, step it back beside R
5,6,7,8 split both heel out, split both toes out, twist both toes back in, twist both heels back in

(17-24) R lockstep fwd 45deg & scuff. L lockstep fwd 45deg & scuff
1,2,3,4 Step R foot fwd 45deg R, step & lock L behind R, step R fwd 45deg R, scuff L fwd beside R
5,6,7,8 Step L foot fwd 45deg L, step & lock R behind L, step L fwd 45deg L, scuff R fwd beside L

(25-32) R rocking horse, step, 90deg pivot turn L, 2X stomp R beside L
1,2,3,4 step/rock fwd on R, step L in place, step back on R, step L in place
5,6,7,8 step fwd on R, pivot turn 90deg L taking weight onto L, stomp R beside L, stomp R beside L again (9:00)

Begin again

For fun: On walls 3, 6 ,7, 10, 11 (chorus) add a clap on counts 7, 8, & again on counts 23, 24 you will hear it in the
music, or as my mate Ben Kelly does. add 2 claps with the 2 R stomps on counts 31 & 32. Thanks Ben xxx

Any inquiries contact Lisa on 0412438450 email: lisadavecarl@hotmail.com