Lonely Eyes

Choreographer: Cheryl Dibble, Christine Kuchar, Kathleen Slattery
Description 48 Count 4 Wall Line Dance
Music: Lonely Eyes - Chris Young

S1: Monterey, Shuffle Forward, Rock, Recover
1-2-3-4 Touch toe to right side, pivot 1/4 right, point left toe to left side, left foot next to right (3:00)
5&6-7-8 Right foot forward, left behind right, right foot forward, Rock forward on left, Recover on right

S2: Side Shuffle, 3/4 Turning Shuffle, Rock, Recover, Left Coaster Step
1&2-3&4 Left foot to left side, right foot next to left, left foot to left side, 3/4 turn to right RLR (12:00)
5-6-7&8 Rock forward on left, recover on right, left foot back, right foot next to left, left foot Forward

S3: Right Mambo, Left Mambo, Shuffle Back, 1/2 Shuffle Turn
1&2-3&4 Rock on right side, recover on left, right next to left, rock on left side, recover on right, left next to right
5&6-7&8 Right foot back, left in front of right, right foot back, 1/2 left shuffle turn LRL 6:00

S4: Pivot 1/2 Left, Pivot 1/4 Left, Step, 1/4 Turn, Step, Step, Brush
1-2-3-4 Step forward on Right pivoting 1/2 left, weight on Left (12:00); step forward on Right, pivoting 1/4 left, weight on left (9:00)
5&6-7-8 Step right behind left, step left turning 1/4 left, step right together, step forward on left, brush forward with right (6:00)

S5: Rock forward, Recover, Shuffle back, Rock back, Recover, Shuffle forward
1 2 3&4 Rock forward on right, step back on left, right foot back, left in front of right, right foot back
5-6-7&8 Rock back on left, recover on right, left foot forward, right behind left, left foot forward

S6: Pivot 1/2 left, Pivot 1/2 right, Step Right, Left, Right, Pivot 1/4 right, Cross Shuffle
1-2 Pivot 1/2 on left and step right, drop left heel down (12:00)
3&4 Pivot 1/2 right (weight on left), step in place right, left, right (6:00 )
5-6-7&8 Step forward on left and pivot 1/4 right, step on right, cross left foot over right, right to right side, left over right (9:00)

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