Little Sister

Choreographer: Unknown
Description: 20 Count 4 wall Beginner Line Dance
Music: Islands In the Stream - The Very Best of Dolly Parton by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton, Queen of
Memphis by Pirates of the Mississippi, Claudette by Dwight Yoakem, North to Alaska by Dwight Yoakem

Pigeon Toes, Heel Forward, Heel Forward Touch Side Touch,
1 - 2 Keeping toes together split heels apart, then bring back together
3 - 4 Touch right heel forward, back in place
5 - 6 Touch left heel forward touch left toe beside right
7 - 8 Touch left toe out to left side, close left beside right,

Toe Touches, Right Grapevine, Touch
9 - 10 Touch right toe to right side, touch right toe forward
11 - 12 Touch right toe to right side, hook right foot behind left knee
13 - 14 Step right foot to right side, step left behind right
15 - 16 Step right to right side, touch left beside right

Left Grapevine, 1/4 Turn, Step
17 - 18 Step left foot to left side, step right behind left
19 - 20 Step 1/4 turn left on left foot, step right next to left